Security Preconditions

  1. Security of transactions

    The COMPANY, recognizing the importance of the issue of security of personal data and electronic transactions, has taken all the necessary measures with the most modern and advanced methods, in order to ensure the maximum possible security. All information related to Users' personal data are safeguarded as confidential. In this way, all the personal information of the User, including credit card number, name and address of the User, are coded so that they cannot be decoded or changed during their transfer to the Internet.

  2. User identification

    The data used to identify the User are two: E-mail (serving as a user identifier - Username) and Personal Secret Security Code (Password). Every time the User enters his data, he obtains access to his personal account. This process is accomplished safely, due to both the encryption of data during the transit on the internet, as well as the encryption of data on the COMPANY’s servers. At the same standards, the User is given the opportunity to change the Personal Security Code (Password), as often as desired. After entering the desired password, the password is encoded and stored in the COMPANY’s systems for the success of the maximum security. For this reason, the only one who knows the User’s password is only the User and is solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of such codes against third parties. The COMPANY is not able to know the User’s secret password, is only able to reset it. In case of loss or leakage of the password, the User will need to immediately notice the COMPANY, otherwise the COMPANY is not responsible for the use of a password by an unauthorized person. The COMPANY’s online store doesn’t reveal or publish personal data and information of Users in any way. Personal data is used exclusively for the efficient execution of transactions. All information are encrypted and stored safely.

  3. Privacy

    When the User visits the website, or whenever the User makes purchases, it is necessary to provide certain information (name, occupation, address, home address, landline number, mobile number, etc.) related to Personal Data, which will be processed automatically and will be incorporated into automated files, which were previously notified to the competent authority and for which the COMPANY happens to be Controller according to Law no. 2472/1997. The User guarantees and is responsible for the truth, accuracy, validity, authenticity and relevance of the Personal Data, revealed to the COMPANY. The COMPANY has developed legal measures of protection of its own facilities, systems and files and guarantees the confidentiality of Personal Data, however, the COMPANY may reveal to the competent public authorities Personal Data or any other information held in its possession or being accessible through its systems if this is dictated by any applicable provision of law. Furthermore, the COMPANY reserves the right to inform its suppliers with sales statistics, which in any case will not contain personal information that can lead to the identification of individuals.

    Purpose: The collection and automated processing of Personal Data has the purpose of recording the contractual relationship with the COMPANY, controlling, improving and adapting to preferences and choices related to products and services and sending by electronic or traditional means any administrative, technological, organizational and / or commercial information for products and services of the COMPANY.

    User’s Consent: The User agrees and accepts the impending data elaboration of personal data for the purpose of smooth and easy transaction between the parties and so provides explicit consent to collect and elaborate personal data as described above. The COMPANY may also transfer Personal Data to companies or individual firms established in Greece or in other EU countries so that they provide to the COMPANY any services in connection with the above purposes, including direct marketing or advertising services without limitation. The User gives explicit consent for the communication or disclosure of data contained in the files for the above mentioned recipients. In any case, the COMPANY guarantees the confidentiality and security of personal data in the transmission and transferring process which can take place.

    Right of access/opposition: At any time the User has the right to access the file, rectify, cancel and oppose at any time regarding the processing of data concerning him. Moreover, the Customer's consent may be withdrawn at any time. For this reason the User may send a letter to the COMPANY’s address (DIESSE LTD, 37 Ethnikis Antistaseos str., 15232, Chalandri) or send e-mail to the following address:

    Use of Personal Data for promotions: The COMPANY enables Users and those who shop through the Site to choose their information on new products available on the market by sending advertising - informational messages to their email or postal address or by phone. The COMPANY will not overuse the above service. It is always given to Users the option to stop receiving promotional messages. In addition, the COMPANY may use the User's navigation history in Site for promotions on other sites outside the Site.

  4. Cookies

    This Site uses technologies such as «cookies» etc. By navigating to the site, the User agrees to the creation and use of them. If the User does not wish the use of cookies can either turn them off or avoid surfing the Site.

    The «cookies» are small pieces of files in text format, which are stored in the browser of the User when visiting a website. The information stored on the computer of the User can include information such as which pages are visited by the User, date and time of the visit and a random and unique User’s identification number. In this use, the Site is able to store useful information for User’s browsing to the Site, and to read this information in order to offer the User a unified browsing experience.

    Cookies are useful in operations such as indicatively are the following:

    1. In maintaining the User’s safety and easy of navigation on the Site. At any point storing of User’s personal data (https protocol) is necessary, cookies help to identify and transfer the data of the previous navigation from the environment (http). For example, in this way the User can navigate to Site adding items in the basket, and if needed to establish communication that includes any personal data (eg personal information changes, order entry, etc.) this is to be done without the User’s inconvenience.
    2. In storage of personal settings and preferences while navigating the Site.
    3. For the COMPANY to understand and evaluate how the public responds and how it uses the Site, in order to improve the information, but also the way that provides the navigation experience. This information helps the COMPANY to be able to offer targeted services separately based on each User. For example, if a User browses on a desired product, he can watch an advertisement for the same product later when browsing an online technology magazine or blog.

    Most browsers allow the deletion of «cookies» and prevention of creating them for future browsing at the same Site. It should be noted; however, that by preventing them some features of Site will not operate correctly.